Elect Pat Folder Document Prep

Southeastern Regional Medical Center

Job Description

The Electronic Patient Folder Document Prep is responsible for assuring that all records and loose documents are prepped and batched for scanning on a daily basis. This position assures that the prepping is done by the proper procedure and the documents have the appropriate identification documented on each page. Also, when constructing batches for scanning, this position makes sure documents that are alike are grouped together and in the appropriate order. Depending upon the shift worked, additional duties may include, but are not limited to completing birth certificates when scheduled for weekend night shift, performing an abbreviated version of the charting procedure when scheduled for weekend day shift, picking up inpatient and outpatient charts daily from the units, maintaining an inpatient log of missing charts, maintaining an outpatient log of missing charts and finding the missing charts.


Sat and Sun 11a-11p or 11p-11a

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