RN Unit Based Per Diem - Behavioral Health

Cone Health

Job Description

Uses the nursing process with guidance to provide patient care. Supervises other members of the clinical nursing team. Demonstrates standards of professional practice

Practices by the Code of Nurses and the Nurse Practice Act
Practices safely
Identifies barriers to safety

Completes all basic competencies for hospital and department orientation
Completes department orientation pathways
Demonstrates age specific competencies
Demonstrates competency in caring for stable patient populations
Recognizes emergency situations
Demonstrates advanced competencies/critical thinking
Demonstrates competency in caring for unstable patient populations
Participates in emergency situations

Policy and Procedures/Standards
Identifies locations of policies, procedures, and standards, and knows resources
Holds others accountable for complying with policies, procedures and standards

Nursing Process
Collects and analyzes patient/significant other data
Implements a plan of care for each patient (utilizing clinical pathways where applicable) and individualizes it in order to meet the need of patients/significant others
Identifies variances in the plan of care, evaluates the plan of care and effectiveness of nursing interventions
Documents care on clinical pathways and other components of the medical record
Contributes to the discharge plan by identifying homecare needs
Recognizes changes in patients conditions and revises the plan of care appropriately
Identifies variances in the plan of care and makes adjustments as needed
Identifies and implements educational needs for patients/significant others

Patient/ Nurse Relationship
Demonstrates sensitivity towards unique patient/significant other needs related to age, culture, and other variables
Demonstrates the ability to advocate for the patient/significant other
Analyzes and responds to uniqueness related to age, culture, and other variables

Demonstrates effective verbal/nonverbal/written communication with the healthcare team/patient and significant others
Identifies the roles of all multidisciplinary team members
Collaborates effectively with healthcare team
Identifies communication barriers and locates available resources

Stands and/or walks for majority of shift
Bends and/or stoops frequently
Lifts thirty pounds or more four times/hour
Sufficiently mobile to push stretchers, wheelchairs, carts and equipment
Communicates via telephone and other automation devices
Visualizes computer screens, medical record forms and equipment screens
Lifts and positions patients of all weights and heights using assistive devices and personnel as appropriate
Hears blood pressures, IV alarms, call bells, monitor alarms, and other audible alarms used for patient safety

Unit Per Diem:
Hired into a specific home nursing department
Schedule a minimum of 2 shifts per 6-week schedule and work 48 hours per fiscal quarter in their hired department.
Unit Per Diem is not available in Flexible Resources.
Can be scheduled to work the equivalent of 192 hours per year to meet department needs and upon approval by Department Director.
Per Diem Employees who also function as clinical faculty associated with Cone Health will have individualized scheduling plans approved by the Department Director.




Hours will vary

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