Laundry Tech

Granville Health System

Job Description

Position Summary:
Must be able to prepare linen by cleaning, folding and properly delivering it to established linen closets in Granville Medical Center and Brantwood Nursing and Retirement Center. Should have good staff relations with both facilities' nursing staffs including nurses aides. Performs within the prescribed limits of the Health System/Department's Ethics and Compliance programs. Is responsible to detect, observe and report compliance variances to immediate supervisor or upward through the chain of command, the Compliance Officer or the GHS hotline.

Must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent with previous laundry experience preferred but not required. Must be able to speak and understand English and be capable of learning how to operate laundry equipment. Must be able to work with others in a closed working environment. A valid driver's license is preferred but not required.

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Sunday-Saturday 8

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