Catering Associate

MedWest Haywood

Job Description

Essential Functions: The Catering Associate is expected to: * Get supplies for carts prior to meals extras, sodas, tea and supplements * Deliver and pick up patient trays * Speak menus and answer questions about them * Assist patients in receiving special request items * Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of patients served (infant, pediatric, adolescent, adult, geriatric). * Order, and deliver floor stock supplies, assemble if needed * Assemble and deliver snacks and nourishments as needed * Work on the patient trayline, accurately assembling patient food trays * Restock supplies on the trayline * Unload trays and dishes from the patient food carts (evening CAs) * Load dirty dishes onto the dish machine (evening CAs) * Unload and store clean dishes from the dish machine (evening CAs) * Wash and sort silverware (evening CAs) * Clean and sanitize equipment, maintain a clean work area * Deliver tube feedings * Perform all duties according to safety and sanitation policies and any other duties requested by supervisor or management. Education and Training: High school diploma or equivalent preferred. Classes in customer service, nutrition, and sanitation desirable. Understanding of modified diets and menus also desirable. Must be able to read and do simple math. Experience: Experience in hospitality organization desirable (i.e. restaurant, hotel, hospital). Must have good communication skills. Environmental and Special Demands: In the normal course of a day, the Catering Associate must be able to: * Walk approximately three miles or more * Stand for up to ten hours * Bend and lift five pound trays approximately 100 times a day * Lift 25 pound dish rack * Push and roll meal carts * Work in hot, humid conditions in the dishroom * Stoop to clean carts and equipment Responsible to: Food Service Supervisor, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Food Service Director. Interrelationships: Patient and family members, nurses, Restorative Care Attendant, and all Food & Nutrition Services employees.

Employment Type

PRN (Non-Clinical)

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