A Working Parents' Top 10

Mar 27, 2015

monkey-67029_640The life of a working parent isn't easy, and personal finance site NerdWallet feels your pain. Partnering with Business Insider, they created a list in 2014 of Top Cities for Working Parents. The list takes into account four factors it deems of primary importance to working folk with kids: affordability (in terms of both median salary, and cost-of-living); child care costs; school quality; and community.

The Nursing Shortage: Real or Imagined?

Mar 25, 2015

11644968426_5679497cdc_hThe jury still seems to be out on whether the nursing shortage predicted by many healthcare industry observers is actually here, or else on the way. Or whether, instead, the whole notion of a nursing shortage is based on bad data and false assumptions, and we're actually headed for a nursing surplus before too long. On one hand, organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics have predicted a shortage of nurses moving into the next decade. The Department of Health and Human Services, on the other, predicts there will be more professionally trained nurses than nursing jobs by 2025. So what's the real story? A recent report by the Health Resources and Services Administration sheds some statistical, if not much in the way of interpretive, light on the subject. Here are a few of the big take-aways from the HRSA report:

Reforming CDC

Mar 23, 2015

US-CDC-LogoWow. So, it appears that one of our nation's hubs of health and safety--the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA--is neither a very healthy, nor a very safe place to be right now. According to a recent report issued by a panel of independent experts, CDC's commitment to safety is "inconsistent and insufficient", its safety training is inadequate, and its workers fear reprisal should they report safety incidents. Also in the findings of the report: panelists expressed the fear that CDC "is on the way to losing credibility." The panel--consisting of 11 M.D.s and PhD.s from institutions all over the U.S. and England--was assembled by CDC last year, in the wake of a  pair of troubling incidents.

Bang for the Buck: U.S. News Medical School Rankings

Mar 20, 2015

facade-386556_640U.S. News and World Report has been releasing its yearly rankings of the best colleges and universities in the country since 1983. And over the decades, the rankings have only gotten more comprehensive and diverse. Now, the publication divides its rankings into sub-categories—for best graduate schools, cheapest universities, most expensive colleges, best online programs, etc. Among this year's list of lists is the "10 Most Affordable Private Medical Schools," which not only ranks the schools according to tuition cost, but also cross-references them according their position on other USNAWR lists.

Toward a More Engaged Workforce

Mar 18, 2015

thJBACY6XQIt's not a new study, but it bears a second look. The Gallup organization released a study in fall of 2013—"State of the Global Workplace"—that found that only 13 percent of workers worldwide are "engaged" at their place of work. And being "engaged," the study said, means having a deeper psychological commitment to one's job, meaning the employee is likely to be making a positive contribution at the workplace. There's some good news for those of us in the United States, in that U.S. and Canada (i.e. "North America" in the study) ranked highest among the 11 regions surveyed, comprising 142 countries.


Mar 17, 2015


Mar 17, 2015


Re-examining Scope of Practice

Mar 16, 2015

nurse-160228__180There's a physician shortage coming, or so we've been told. Tens of millions of Americans are gaining access to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act; our population is aging; and our population of doctors is aging with it, meaning that doctors will be retiring too fast for medical schools to keep pace. It's a problem that will require a multi-pronged response. But one component of the solution, many industry observers say, is to widen scope of practice laws for nurse practitioners.


Mar 15, 2015

Finding a Physician Job

Mar 13, 2015

tile-214366__180With the nation on the verge of an apparent doctor shortage, it's not necessarily difficult to find a healthcare job as a physician in the United States. But that doesn't mean it's easy to find the position that's right for you. A 2013 article in American Medical News looks at the dilemma of finding a physician job that suits your particular needs. AMED offers some sage advice from physician recruitment professional Steve Marsh of the Medicus Firm.