Hospital Looking to Place Jobs

Healthcare Shortage Issue...

The workforce shortage is one of the most important issues facing healthcare executives today. The risks associated with this problem can have a profound impact on the quality of healthcare services and the qualifications of healthcare professionals. With healthcare professionals being in such high demand, hospitals throughout North Carolina feel the pain of not having enough staff to provide the best quality of care for their patients.

A New Approach

The North Carolina Hospital Association has expanded our efforts to help North Carolina hospitals reach the highest quality of health care professionals and physicians. We call this new web based strategy NCHospitalJobs.

NCHospitalJobs is designed to directly target health care professionals and job seekers along with new graduates from colleges, universities and residency programs throughout North Carolina and states surrounding. The way we are doing this is through the development of an interactive career website with a profile section and job bank designed specifically for North Carolina hospitals. Through our marketing efforts, we will be promoting the online job postings and each participating hospital to health care professionals that are actively seeking employment.

The main goal is to provide each healthcare professional with the ability to find the hospital that best fits their experience, specialty and interest.

Key Benefits of NCHospitalJobs


To learn more or to participate, please contact Brian Bauer at 866-870-4885 ext. 801 or by email at bbauer@dsmadvantage.com.